About IP&T Group LLP
Protecting your ideas

Strategically located near the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), IP&T Group, LLP is a rapidly-expanding and highly regarded boutique law firm that specializes in patent and trademark law. IP&T is ranked #12 in 2018 Top Patent Firms, #9 in Top 20 Electrical Engineering Patent Firms, and #12 in 2021 Top Software, AI, Controller Patent Firms by a nationally recognized patent analytics firm based on quantitative and qualitative data.

We offer technical and legal expertise that meets international standards and has played a critical role in the creation and protection of numerous landmark patent and trademark portfolios.

IP&T employs a diverse team of respected and highly experienced attorneys and patent agents with deep international expertise. We have successfully served clients from all over the world, and our portfolio regularly includes multinational partners from South Korea, Japan, China and the United States, etc. With personalized, robust, and readily accessible legal representation, we ensure that our clients develop and maintain their intellectual property portfolio at minimized cost. Because many of our attorneys are former patent examiners and in-house counsels themselves, IP&T provides clients with unparalleled insight into USPTO practices and secure intellectual property protection.

Two-Step Checking System

Collaboration between Patent Agent/Technical Specialist Group and Patent Attorney Group. Patent Agent/Technical Specialist has more than 20 years of experience. This system is unique to IP&T and is designed to reduce errors and improve prosecution efficiency.

Prosecution Efficiency

Average number of office action per case is about 1.5 for US average, while the average is 1 for IP&T. This is a significant cost saving effect for the clients. Also the time to allowance is about 80 days faster than the US average, which shows that cases are handled in efficient and timely manner.